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All graduates must demonstrate “mini-mum competency” in mathematics and communications as measured by a High School Competency Test.  Credits are required  with an overall grade point average of 2.0 to include:

4 English
3 Math (including at least 1 Algebra)
3 Social Studies (including AH, WH, AG, & Ec)
3 Science with labs
11 Electives


In order to be promoted to the next grade, a student must complete and pass with a C or better at least 9 months worth of work in each of the following subjects: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.


One of the most frequently asked  questions is whether or not Deseret Academy is accredited, and whether their graduates are able to attend college. We are very proud to say that although we are not allowed to be accredited because our students do not attend school in the traditional manner, about 50% of our graduates go on to attend college. In fact, seniors can be dual-enrolled at local colleges where they earn some of the credits they need for their college diploma as well as electives needed for high school graduation. 


August through July for grades 7 - 12
August through June for elementary grades with optional summer courses


Deseret Academy is a not-for-profit private school which helps students who wish to get their education without attending the government schools. Information regarding statutes governing education is found in title XLVIII at the following website: We make every effort to ensure that we abide by all of the state statutes. You can rest assured that by enrolling in our program, you are meeting your legal obligations in regards to the compulsory attendance laws of the state of Florida.


Deseret Academy does not have non-profit status as we do not wish to comply with the government requirements for tax exempt status. Therefore, we pay income tax on all revenues received and use the remaining monies to cover the expenses incurred in the operation of the school. As such, we are a tuition-based private school, receiving no financial aid or grants from the government for our expenses. Monthly tuition is required from each of our students. The collection of tuition on a regular, on-going basis enables us to meet our monthly, quarterly, and yearly Deseret Academy financial obligations.
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